Rockin' and Ravin'  Litter


Here are the 9 beautiful boxer babies born on Memorial Day, 2004

Sire: J. Dara's Glowing Ember, "Rock"

Dam: Siaradus Raven Flight To J. Dara "Raven"

Rock's Pedigree  Raven's Pedigree

Here are their individual photos:

Pup #1

"J. Dara's Fats Domino"

Flashy Brindle Male

at 6 weeks old...

SOLD at 9 weeks, forgot to take pic!

Pup #2

"J. Dara's Dee Dee Warwick"

Classic Brindle Female

 at 12 weeks with new owners!

Pup #3

"J. Dara's James Brown"

Classic Brindle Male

 at 10 weeks old...


Pup #4

"J. Dara's Patti LaBelle"

Flashy Brindle Female

 at 10 weeks old...

and here is Patti, now called "Roxy" with her new pal Moe

Pup #5

"J. Dara's Etta James"

Classic  Brindle Female

 at 12 weeks with new owner and new buddy!

Pup #6

"J. Dara's Bo Diddley"

Flashy Brindle Male

 at 17 weeks old...

No longer available,

Show Home Found!

Pics with new owner coming soon!!

Pup #7

"J. Dara's Madonna"

Flashy Brindle Female

 at 17 weeks old...

Living in Baltimore, MD, where she is much adored!!

Pup #8

"J. Dara's Smokey Robinson"

Classic Brindle Male

 at 9 weeks old with new owners!


Pup #9

"J. Dara's Chubby Checker"

Flashy Brindle Male

 at 9 weeks old with new owners!


Here are some pics of them at 9 weeks out in the yard with their

Dad, Rock and with their Aunt Kiwi


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