Siaradus Raven Flight To J. Dara "Raven"                   

Whelped on January 26, 2001 at Siaradus Kennels in New Zealand,

Raven arrived at J. Dara's Boxers on April 14th, 2001

Breeder: Shirley A. Gempton 


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We picked Raven up from Baltimore Washington International Airport in April 2001, at a little past midnight. We were pretty  tired  from having worked all day and then driving through most of the night, but she sure brought a smile to our faces when she stepped out of her little crate!!! WOW! She was the darkest brindle girl I had ever seen!! And you could practically see your reflection in the shine on her coat!! What a little beauty!!! I got to hold her all the way home as my niece, Dawn Ward, was kind enough to drive us home!! We had brought along two of our boxer girls for protection and company on the drive, and Miss Raven soon let them know whom she thought was the boss of me!! At nine weeks old, with her head up on my shoulder as we rode, she gave a growl to Roamin' and Julia that sent them quickly back to the seat where they had been sitting!!!

She has continued to hold her own here with all the other boxers, giving Bogie a fit daily until he left for New Zealand!! Bogie probably thought he was going to get away from the little upstart, but little did he know he was going to the lady that had bred Raven, and that Raven's relatives were awaiting his arrival!! LOL!!  Bogie had to teach Raven her manners everyday. Not sure which of the dogs will take over that job now that Bogie has gone to join Shirley! :o)

We left Raven's ears natural as they were very soft and flimsy, and weren't sure if they would stand.  To me, nothing looks worse than a failed ear crop, so rather than take that chance, we left her natural ears intact. 

Raven's Pedigree with Picture Links

Raven in the fall of 2001

Raven went to live with our next door neighbor's son, Josh, in Washington DC in 2002, and moved with him to Florida, when he moved there for his new job.  We felt she would be happier as an 'only child' as she struggled daily here to take over the top 'girl' position.... much to the dismay of the others!! She is now the center of attention at Josh's place, where she is being totally spoiled rotten!

Raven had her first litter of pups, born on Memorial Day, 2004!! Our boy, Rock, is the proud Daddy!

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