• To strive to maintain the breed standard as outlined by the AKC.
  • To breed only healthy dogs that have been subjected to screenings for diseases within our breed; and which are from a line of dogs (ancestors) with no known health problems.
  • To find suitable homes in which to place our puppies; which would include the following considerations:

I must be satisfied after reviewing the submitted Application for Ownership, and before placing a puppy that:

1. The potential owner has educated him\herself regarding the boxer breed and has made an informed decision that this is the breed for them.

2. The potential owner will be responsible for remaining immunizations and proper care and treatment for the rest of the puppy's life.                

3. The potential owner will return the puppy to me if for any reason they can no longer provide a home for it.

4. The potential owner will make every effort to provide a safe, loving environment for the puppy. This includes the housing of the puppy within the home, and providing it with either a fenced yard or an adequate dog run when out doors and off lead.   

These are just the basics. Individual requirements will vary with each placement, dependant on whether the puppy is considered pet or show quality.                   



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"Macabee", Owned by Diana and Les Clark

Twinkle Twinkle Please note:Twinkle Twinkle


Pet quality puppies will ONLY be placed with spay\neuter agreements.

When you gotta go, you gotta go !!


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Here is a nice note I got from Von Schmidt Boxers :

Hi Becky,
I went to your site....I have been looking and reading
from it for over 3 hrs; Your site is terrific!  Your art is wonderful and your health info is just what I have been looking for in one place. You are doing the type of public education our breed needs. Thank you for writing to me. It has made my day to find another breeder truly concerned with boxer health.
Debbie---Von Schmidt Boxers



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