The Millennium Litter 

 Pups out of J. Dara's Black Pearl, "Liz"  

and by J. Dara's Echo of Birchwood, "Bogie"

    whelped 2-27-00.

Here they are at one day of age:

Only hours old

3 females and 1 male:

The first born was a brindle male:

J. Dara's Millennium Matrix

at four weeks:

J. Dara's Millennium MatrixI am the man, I am, I am !!!!!!

and with his new owners:

Matrix with new owner, Mikail, and Jared in the backgroundMatrix with new owners, Mikail and Linda Barber

Then came an all white female:

J. Dara's Millennium Motion, 

 at four weeks:

J. Dara's Millennium Motion, "Crash"Oh, and I thought you were taking me out to feed me.......

with her new best friend:

Crash's new friend, Alicia

and in agility training with her new owner, Tammy Tinkham:

And she's a collar and leash model!!

Then came a flashy brindle female:

J. Dara's Millennium Moment

At three & four weeks:

J. Dara's Millennium Moment, "Moment"Am I gorgeous or what???

and with her newly cropped ears:

My God, what we have to do to be beautiful!Dad says I have to do this to grow up and look like him....I dunno, I guess I will get used to the look !

on her last day here before going home with new co-owner:

I must be going somewhere....she bathed me, groomed me, re-wrapped my ears, and she looks sooo sad.......makes me feel sad too......

and with my friend, Nancy Wilson, who will share ownership with me:

Moment with new co-owner, Nancy WilsonMoment practicing her future role.....

More of Moment as she begins training for her show career. 

Then the last one was a white female with a dark spot over her right ear:

J. Dara's Millenium Madness

 at four weeks:

J. Dara's Millennium Madness, "Chloe"I told you I didn't want to do this !!!

and here is "Chloe" in May and July of 2000



Madness, Matrix, and Motion


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Slideshow of  8 week "Puppy Puzzle" evaluation by Diane Hudson & husband.

and with their Dad:

J. Dara's Echo of Birchwood, "Bogie" with his pups

and with Jasmine and Jared:

Jasmine with MomentJared and Matrix

Pup Pedigree,    Liz and Bogie's Pedigrees, Pics, and Health Info.


Our second litter born in the year 2000 was our COFFEE LITTER !!

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