MUGSY (8 years old)

MUGSY 1982 ~ 1995

BOOTSIE (7 years old)

BOOTSIE 1988 ~ 1997


Mugsy and Bootsie were our first two boxers, and the foundation of our kennel.

Mugsy passed on in March of 1995 at nearly 13 years of age; not having been sick a day of his life.  On this day,  he kept wanting to go outside even though the weather was on the cool side.  I guess he knew his time was near.  He simply laid down and breathed very heavily a few times, and then he closed his eyes and was gone.

I was with him at his passing, my husband Jerry was at a business meeting.  I had the heartbreaking news to give to him on his arrival home.   Although we were glad he passed as easily as he did, we were still so sad to see him go.

We have 3 acres of land in a very rural setting, so we buried Mugsy on the back corner of our property, where a gravestone now marks his passing.   There is woodland behind where he is buried, and I like to think of his spirit roaming freely through the woods, not feeling the signs of old age, just running like he loved to do as a young lad.

Then in November of 1997, Bootsie passed on, at not quite 10 years of age.  Another heart-wrenching day.  She was laid to rest beside her love, Mugsy.

The wonderful personalities and characteristics of our Mugsy and Bootsie still live on in their offspring.  Sometimes I look in the face of my "Liz" and just for a moment, there is something in her expression that will remind me of her mom, Boostie.  Or , sometimes I will watch "Bogie" play with some of the new puppies and he will put his paw on one in play, and I am reminded of how his father, Mugsy,  played with Bootsie like that when she was a pup.


Thank you for your love and complete devotion to our family.  We love you and miss you, and you will always live on in our hearts.

BOGIE (5 years old)

BOGIE 1992 ~ 1998

Just a few weeks after the original publishing of this page, in April of 1998,  we also lost our Bogie.  He was out of our first litter of Mugsy and Bootsie.  Our vet wasn't sure if he suffered a stroke or if he could have been bitten by a poisonous spider. We do have black widows spiders in  our area.  At any rate, he began having muscle spasms and difficulty breathing, and had to be hospitalized.  The next morning the vet called to tell me he had taken a turn for the worse and he had put him down.  So hard to believe, that a dog could be so healthy one day, and gone the next. Bogie had a wonderful gentle disposition and he will be sorely missed. He was laid to rest beside his parents.

Please go and read Jasmine's "A Poem for Bogie".

Bogie was our last link to our "pet" beginnings. We kept a female out of Bootsie's Champion sired litter,"Liz";  and are moving on to a breeding program that will encompass all aspects  of the boxer standard, and that embraces all available health testing of breeding pairs in an effort to do our part to wipe out the deadly diseases that plague our breed. 


In 2003, we lost a puppy to kidney disease that met her demise at only 8 tender months of age. As a result, we had her mother, Roam, spayed, as there are still so many unknowns regarding the mode of inheritance. Read Suki's story here, Suki's Page

 We also lost one of our older girls this year as well. Liz had to be put down due to violent seizures that the owner's vet felt was due to a brain tumor.

A sad year indeed, but we still have such a love for the breed.....


In 2004, we said goodbye to Liz's brother, J. Dara's Rienzi, "Z", who passed peacefully away in his sleep. Owned by my niece, Dawn Ward Whitelock, he will be really missed.


In 2006, we said goodbye to Liz's daughter, J. Dara's National Alliance, "Ali", who passed away after a sudden seizure, which we think to be brain related, as she had years of heart testing which showed her to be heart healthy. Goodbye beautiful girl...

We also said goodbye to Kiwi's son, Raffi, who was put down at 6 tender months of age due to renal disease. A beautiful boy, and a gentle soul, he will often be thought of here at J. Dara's. His blood sample, along with several others in his line will hopefully contribute to DNA marker discovery which will help prevent this disease in the future. Both Raffi's parents have been altered to prevent further occurance of this awful disease.


We also said goodbye to our beloved "Roam" in 2006. A sad sad day indeed.


Also said goodbye to our much loved boy "Splash" in 2008. Another sad day.



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