Marisa & Wyatt Pup's Pedigree


RedDawn’s Shotgun And A Pistol, "Wyatt"


Brindle 12/12/2007

ARVC (Het-Positive)

Echo Clear

DM A/A Homozygous

Shadow's Dacquari RN CGC

Brindle 05/24/1998 (alive) Holtered annually

ARVC Het-Positive

Thyroid tested annually

Echo clear

PennHip 60th percentile

AM CH Champagne Back In Black

Brindle 06/19/1994-2006

AM CH Hi-Tech's Current Event SOM

AM CAN CH Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo SOM SOMC LOM

AM CH Hi Tech's Current Affair

Champagne Perfect Impression

AM CH Hi-Tech's Arbitrage SOM LOM

AM CH Champagne's Lady Ayla

Bitwyn's Shadow Fox

Fawn 06/28/1992-2001

Holtered annually

Thyroid tested annually

Echo clear

Hips OFA & PennHip

AM CAN CH Woods End Crown Sable SOM TT

AM CH Keil's Dynasty SOM LOM

AM CH Woods End Moon Whisper DOM

AM CH Beau's Bitwyn Fantasy

AM CH Keil's Dynasty SOM LOM

AM CH Beau's Comet Of Salient

RedDawn's Because I Can CGC

Fawn 09/27/2003 (alive)

Holtered 2007 1 VPC

Holtered 2008 3 VPCs

Holtered 2009 (pending)

Echo clear 1.53 flow rate

Thyroid tested 2007

Hips OFA Good

DM tested AT RISK

ARVC (pending)

AM CH Raklyns Showboat

Fawn 05/10/2001 (alive)

Holtered 2003 5 VPCs

Echo clear 1.8 flow rate

Thyroid tested 2002

AM CH Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton SOM LOM

AM CH Hi-Tech's Aristocrat SOM

AM CH Boxerton Crown Imperial DOM

AM CH Raklyn's Celebration DOM

AM CH Kreyon's Easy Money SOM

Raklyn's Centerfold

Salbad's Jewel Of High River CGC OA NAP OAJ OJP

Fawn 07/21/1997-11/16/2006

Holtered regularly

Echo clear 1.41 & 1.43 flow rate

Thyroid clear

Hips OFA & PennHip

AM CH High River's On Fire SOM

AM CH Berena's Gemini Splashdown SOM SOMC LOM LOMC

AM CH High River's Babbler

Abad's Manilena

AM CH Ruffian's Aimin' Sky High

Brimel's Moonwind Iris

Araby On The Move To J.Dara’s, "Marisa"

Normal Cardio Exam

ARVC (Het-Positive)


Brindle 07/25/2006

Draco’s Cosmic Traveler



AM MEX VEN CH Draco Bad Boy



AM CH Seapal's Averoy Of Redfyre

AM CH Bropat's Red Alert Of Asgard SOM

Standing Ovation Of Redfyre

VEN CH Strawberry's Fandango Fesda

AM CAN CH Strawberry's Caballero SOM

AM CH Strawberry's Blythe Spirit DOM

MEX VEN CH Almibin's Lucia TT


MEX VEN CH Fandango Forest

CAN CH Elharlen's Quietus

VEN CH Strawberry's Fandango Fesda

Silper Gobingo's Sushi

AM CH CJ's Success Story

Hardlock's Shelsea Queen

CAN CH Kenon's Amazing Grace



CAN CH In-Crowds Chicago


CAN CH Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici SOM SOMC

CAN NOR CH Mephisto's High Noon SOMC

NOR CH Nit Noi

In-Crowds Take Five

AM CAN JAP GR CH Mephisto's Guns And Roses SOMC

AM CH In-Crowds Christmas Holly

Kenon's Double Fortune


CAN CH Kenon's Code Of The West

AM CH King's Mojave SOM

AM CH Karmel's Cover Girl

Kenon's California Delight

AM CH Karmel's Flash Of Neuleben

AM CH Karmel's Cover Girl

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