More Pics of Winter Mix Litter

Whelped: February 19th, 2010



Long night of labor....


Long night for breeder...


Then finally....

1st born:

J. Dara's Snowy Peak, "Cappy"

Cappy just bornCappy at 1 week old

2nd born:

J. Dara's Furious Flurries, "Fury"

Fury at 1 week old

3rd born: 

J. Dara's Winter Storm, "Blizzard"

Blizzard just bornBlizzard at 1 week old

4th born:

J. Dara's Wind Chill Advisory, "Zero"

Zero just bornZero at 1 week old

5th born:

J. Dara's Zero Visibility, "Storm"

Storm just bornStorm at 1 week old

6th born:

J. Dara's Snow Blindess, "Shades"

Shades just bornShades at 1 week old

7th born:

J. Dara's Whiteout Condition, "Snowflake"

Snowflake just bornSnowflake at 1 week old


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