Out of  Siaradus Luv to Kti at Global,  Kiwi,

and by J. Dara's Echo of Birchwood, "Bogie".

  BOY #1

J. Dara's American Pride


 at 7 weeks

New Owner Picture Coming.... 

  BOY # 2 

J. Dara's Noble Eagle


 at 7 weeks

Gone to a show home!

  BOY #3 

J. Dara's American Courage 


at 7 weeks

With new owners!!

  BOY # 4

J. Dara's American Justice


 at 7 weeks

With new owners!!

  BOY # 5 

J. Dara's American Honor


 at 7 weeks

With new owners!

  Girl #1

J. Dara's American Hope, 


at 7 weeks

Staying with us until further notice.....


Here is my email for your convenience!!!!!



and here are a few candid shots.... 

see if you can figure out who is who...


Click on the link below to see some snapshots 

of them with the Big Dogs!

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