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I first saw Kiwi's picture on the internet when she was only about 8 weeks old. I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and I was extremely envious of the person who was lucky enough to purchase her when she was imported to the US from New Zealand. I never dreamed that the opportunity would ever present itself for me to own her!!

I had written Kiwi's importer in hopes of contacting the breeder in New Zealand who had bred her. As a result of that introduction to Siaradus Kennels,  I purchased a black brindle girl out of another of their litters. That puppy, Raven, was shipped to me from LA after arriving in the US in April of 2001. Two months later, I was notified that Kiwi, who had first caught my eye, might soon be available! I was ecstatic! Kiwi came to live with us in June of 2001.

 Miss Kiwi checking out our Boxer Pond on her first day here!! 

We picked up Kiwi from Dulles International at about 12:30 am on the night she flew in, and then drove the 3 hours back to our home here in Delaware, where she gladly plopped down on the couch with me and slept the night through! What an absolute love!! She is such a cuddler!!! She thinks beds are made for dogs, not people. If you can find a spot, well ok, but you aren't guaranteed one with her around!!!

Unfortunately, as nice as Kiwi's conformation is, we regret that we won't be able to show her. By the time she arrived here, she was already almost 11 months old, and her ears, which had been cropped, hadn't begun to stand at all, and after a month or so more of taping, there was no improvement..... but we look forward to having some of her offspring in the ring in the future! Stay tuned!!

Kiwi had a litter by our Bogie before he departed to join Shirley in New Zealand, and we called them the American Litter.

We tried twice to breed Kiwi, but with no success, as she too was plagued by the 'kidney' gene, and we suffered many puppy losses. She has now been spayed and has been placed with one of our puppy owners who lost their dog at 10 years of age. She is happy and content to be the queen of the house!

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