J. Dara's Sir Bogart, "Bogie" at 5 years

In April, 1998 our J. Dara's Sir Bogart, "Bogie" went to Rainbow Bridge.

He was our only male at that time, and was very much a part of our family. 


A Poem for Bogie

(by Jasmine West at 8 years of age)

I was just a baby when our Bogie came,        

but I remember it cause I helped to choose his name.

He was my playmate and my best friend and fun to have around,

He was my protector too, as he heard every sound. 

Then one day he got sick and didn't want to play,

Mom told me that he might not last and that I should pray.

I prayed the way Mom taught me, asking God's will be done,

Then God came and took him to a place where he again could run.

I cried so hard that day you left, my teardrops fell like rain,

If you'd been here you would have licked my tears and made me feel happy again.

I know that you are in heaven, Bogie, cause you were such a good boy,

You are probably chasin' the angels and bringing everyone joy.

I will see you again someday..... until then you be good,

I know you'll be watching  from heaven's door,

Doing what a good boxer should!

Jasmine at 18 months, Bogie at 4 months


We got a new little "Bogie" on August 31, 1998.

On August 31, 1998, our new "Bogie",  J. Dara's Echo of Birchwood,  came to live with us,

and although he was the sweetest dog in the world, he could have cared less about

the show ring, so we retired him from that venture in the fall of 2000. 

Bogie has flown to New Zealand!!!

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*Our first Bogie, J. Dara's Sir Bogart, was the featured boxer for February

in Pet Prints Calendar, and the new Bogie has been featured in 2001 and 2002,

and also in a boxer book in 2001!!

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Photo is Bootsie's first litter with Jasmine at 18 months 

& our first Bogie is the flashy pup that appears to be chewing on her hand!

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