Here are some pics of our 2001 project.... 

our BOXER  POND !!

It started with a couple of bare spots in the backyard 

that needed something to cover them.... 

So, I decided that a fish pond would be nice...

and why not have it be the shape of a boxer's head?

Here is the rough beginning:

Excavation Team of : Twilley Irrigation and Ponds

Then here is what it looked like after about 3 months 

of hard work to landscape around the pond, and to

add plants and fountains to the pond itself:


Check the plant growth by fall:


and the addition of a lighthouse over the electrical post..

some more fish....

and then some concrete benches, which I painted with a sea sponge to make them look more natural.


By the end of the fall season, I was quite tired of scooping out leaves from the pond.

After searching and trying a couple of other products that didn't work as claimed,

I contacted Aqua Products; which produces pool vacuums, and they were kind enough

to take the time to hear my  needs for a vacuum that would work in a pond.

They then modified and combined existing products that would work to cut down on the time

I had to spend maintaining my pond!! Thank you Al !! 

Here is a  slideshow of our new toy which we'll call the "Pond" Rover.

Then in 2003, I decided to redig the pond to make it a depth of 3' .

We also decided to cut down the tree just behind the pond to eliminate as much fall clean up, and allow

sunlight to the flowers, etc., planted in the bed behind the pond. Here is a pic of the "new" pond.

and some other scenes from around the yard:



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a new inground pool and a fence around the back yard!



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