Day 5: June 17th, 2002 

Peninsula Electric and the electrical inspector, Mr. Cody, arrive today and the bonding inspection is finally complete!!

Cheryl of Maryland Pools says the gunite crew will be here on June 18th........ and that they will 'keep on rolling' from there to complete this job! Ok, so maybe I am a little excited.....

Also today, June 17th, Peninsula Electric began hand trenching, (imagine that) for the wiring to the pool!!!! Yeah, no more huge piles of dirt to be added to my lawn! God bless local contractors!!

Also today, June 17th, Rusell Twilley and crew of Twilley Irrigation began trenching to irrigate the way back section of our yard, which we couldn't afford to do initially. Here are some shots of that activity!

That work was completed on June 18th.

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