Day 3: May 17th, 2002

I called and left a message for Mr. Bill Brooks this morning to let him know the sump pump was not working properly. The float kept sticking on the side of the submerged bucket, and water was about 2 feet deep in the bottom of the deep end of the pool. Nobody returned my call.

The plumbing crew wasn't scheduled to arrive until the 20th or 21st, but on Friday, May 17th, they arrived and proceeded to use a backhoe to trench the areas for piping. I requested the plumber to  heed the electrical wiring around the playhouse area and also the fact that irrigation head were both in front and behind the playhouse where he would need to dig. I also advised the plumbing crew that the field supervisor, Mr. Bill Brooks, had told me the first day of the dig, which was May 15th, 2002, that that area would have to be hand dug to avoid hitting either irrigation piping or electrical wiring.

The plumber advised me he would only use the backhoe to remove the grass from the top and then would hand dig the areas. A bit later, I checked to see the progress and discovered the plumber had dug up and broken an irrigation pipe near the back of the playhouse. He was still digging with the backhoe and hadn't even noticed the broken pipe sticking up out of the ground until I brought his attention to it. 

I asked the plumber if he was planning to fix the pipe that he had broken, and he replied that he didn't have the right sized pipes or tools to fix it. I told him that Lowes was only a few miles away. He ignored me and continued to trench with the backhoe, even in the area where the electrical wiring had been marked in red paint on the top of the ground. Thankfully, he didn't hit the wiring.

Broken irrigation pipes

Huge trench and huge mess for a 4" pipe to be installed.....

The rest of the plumbing went smoothly....

I made several calls and left messages for both Bill Brooks and Tip Tipton on the 17th of May, 2002, regarding the broken pipe and the gravel, but none of my calls were returned.

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