Day 2: May 16th, 2002

Two more truckloads of gravel came in and some was put in the bottom of the pool area.

Then the excavation team installed a sump pump in the deep end of the pool area,

and finished the framework on the shallow end of the pool.

This is the amount of gravel that wasn't needed and that was spread all over my grassy area at the shallow end of the pool, extending more than 40'  from the pool edge, and approx. 25' wide.

Mr. Bill Brooks told me that the excavation crew would clean up this gravel before they finished for the day. Mr. Brooks left at approx. 1:30 PM and the excavation team left shortly thereafter, not having worked an 8 hour day that I was being billed for, and leaving the gravel on the lawn. I questioned the excavator, and he said he couldn't move the gravel with the equipment he had, that  a Bobcat would be needed, and that the patio crew could probably use the extra gravel as a base. Cost adjustment???


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