The "Coffee" Litter :


out of J. Dara's National Alliance, "Ali" 

and by J. Dara's Echo of Birchwood, "Bogie"!!!

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 Here they are !!! 8 beautiful brindle puppies; 

whelped on 5-17-00 ! 

Ali and Bogie litter only hours old.


Pups names were chosen using  the theme of "coffee"  as they were born in the wee hours of the morning, requiring their breeder to lean on this vice to stay awake!!!!


The Boys:


J. Dara's Moonlit Mocha

Being evaluated by Ted Fickes 

Ted evaluting Mocha (8 weeks and 2 days)

(Forgot to get his pic with new owner!)

"Ty" in 2002

Wanna go for a drive??

J. Dara's Sumatra Supreme

 Being evaluated by Ted Fickes

& with his new owner!

Sumatra with new owner, Judy Thornton (11 weeks)


J. Dara's Espresso Ristretto

       Being evaluated by Ted Fickes        

Ted evaluating Espresso ( 8 weeks and 2 days)

 with his new owner

Espresso with his new owner, Dan Kelly (almost 9 weeks)

& at a year old:

& at 2 years old

J. Dara's Southern Pecan

Being evaluated by Ted Fickes

Ted evaluating Pecan ( 8weeks and 2 days)

 & with his new owners !

"Cielo" with his new owners, Lysette Kramer and Scott

J. Dara's Creme de Cacao 

with his new owner,

Cacao with his new owner, Gunnel Elfwing  ( 8 weeks and 2 days)

& how he looks now!

The Girls:


J. Dara's Latte Machiato

Being evaluated by Ted Fickes,

 with her new owner

Latte with her new owner, Pam Andrews, at 5 months of age.

& how she looks now!!

Here is a link to her own page, created by her owner, Pam Andrews.

J. Dara's Kona Calypso

with her new owner!


J. Dara's Cookies 'N' Cream

    Being evaluated by Ted Fickes,     

Ted evaluating Cookie ( 8 weeks and 2 days)

Cookie will be the foundation bitch for Jennifer Gruneberg in Pennsylvania. Look for Jennifer and Cookie in the show ring this fall, 2001.

Cookie-Christmas 2001


More of our show prospects from this litter in TRAINING.

     Here they are at 6 weeks, discovering the great 

outdoors with their cousin, "Roam"



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