Boxer Kidney Disease Survey

The following form will be used to gather information on boxers suffering with kidney disease, or ones that have died from kidney disease. We are trying to find out how much of a problem this is within the breed, and would appreciate your input. No names will be posted anywhere, only the totals in each area. Thanks for your time!


Which of the following describes you?

Boxer Breeder     Boxer Owner   Rescue Worker     Other


Where did you obtain your boxer?

Pet Store    Breeder    Rescue     Other


How old was your boxer when diagnosed with Kidney Disease?

Less than 1 yr.     1-2 yrs.    2-3 yrs.    3+ yrs.


How was your boxer diagnosed?

Your vet    Specialist    Breeder    Other


What was the diagnosis?

Renal Dysplasia    Polycystic   Other

If other please specify:


What types of tests were done to verify the diagnosis?

Urine Analysis    Blood Panel    Ultrasound    Biopsy    Necropsy


If other, please elaborate:


Do you know of other boxers related to your boxer that have had similar symptoms of this disease?

Yes    No

If yes, please elaborate:


How old, if living, is your boxer now?


How old, if deceased, was your boxer when it died?


Was information readily available to you to help care for your boxer?

Yes    No


Did you do fluid therapy on your boxer?

Yes    No


Did you alter your boxer's diet?

Yes    No

If yes, what diet did you use?


Who do you think should be responsible to investigate kidney disease in boxers?

The American Boxer Club    Boxer Breeders    Boxer Owners    Other


Thank you for completing our survey!

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