Our breeding goals are to produce healthy, sound, show quality pups that better the breed, and to find show homes for those particular pups.  Not every pup produced will meet those goals, and those that do not will be sold as companions with spay\neuter agreements. If your only desire is to have a pet, without regard to the standard, etc., then please check this rescue link first, North Eastern Boxer Rescue,  or find a boxer rescue near you.

We have a litter that was whelped on 9-11-2012. 4 females, 2 males. Fill out my application if interested. *Note, all puppies sold as pets are sold with a spay/neuter contract. For more info, Email me at jdaras05@comcast.net



@ 2 Weeks Old


@ 3 Weeks Old


 Sept Pups 5 weeks

Sept Pups 6 weeks

Boys at 6 weeks

Pups during the storm

Pups 7 weeks

8 weeks!!

Here they are at 10 weeks!!

Brindle Boy & White Girl Play

Fawn & Brindle Girl Play


All of these pups have found their forever homes!!



Successful Adoptions:

 Muggs, in 2003

Muggs, a fawn boy from a local couple in Delmar, DE , 

was adopted in January, 2003. After only two weeks of

searching, we found him a great home with Barry Jeffries

of Ardmore, PA .


Muggs and Mollie in 2004

Here is Muggs with his new pal, Mollie in 2004 on the P & W Trolley line, Radnor Trail !

We brought "Nellie" into our home here at J. Dara's in the late summer of 1999, as a good friend of ours had a personal tragedy that required the placement of most of her dogs. We are so grateful to the Cunningham family for offering her such a wonderful and loving home.   

Here is a picture of the Cunningham's first boxer that lived to be 11 years old.

then went on to:

"Rainbow Bridge"

and here is a recent picture of "Nellie"


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