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What is your housing situation?   

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What size is your yard? 

Is your yard fenced? 

If your yard is not fenced, how will you secure a puppy outside? 

What purpose will a Boxer puppy serve in your household?

Do you understand that all puppies sold as pets MUST be spayed or 

neutered at six months of age? 

Do you understand that a copy of the spay/neuter certificate 

MUST be forwarded to us within one week of the surgery? 

How many members make up your household? 

Do you have young children?   


Tell me about you children's experience with pets:

Are all members of your household in favor of obtaining a Boxer pup? 

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                                           Have you ever owned a Boxer before?                                                    

     Another Breed? 

If yes, what?

If deceased, explain causes and state age.

How many pets do you currently have in your household?


If other, please name:

Have all members of your household been exposed to the personality of a Boxer?



Do you understand that Boxers have very high energy levels? 

Do you understand that Boxers shed? 

Do you understand that Boxers require extreme amounts of attention? 

Do you understand that we require all puppies to be kept as indoor pets? 

Where will the puppy stay during the day ?     

If other, please explain:

Who will be responsible for it's care during the day?


Where will the puppy stay during the night?  

If other please explain:    

and with whom?

What is the longest period of time that the puppy will spend 

without  it's family? Circumstance??

Who will be the primary caretaker of the puppy?

Do you belong to a kennel club? 

If not, do you plan to join one? 

Are you planning to attend training classes with your puppy? 

Do you understand that although your puppy will have received the highest 

quality of care and will have been properly socialized, it will not be trained 

and will not have developed a sense of mannerism when it arrives at it's 

new home? 

Do you understand that you will be responsible for continuing 

the proper development of your puppy's personality? 

Do you understand that although we have subjected our brood stock to 

clearances for genetic disorders that affect our breed before puppies 

are conceived, we can not guarantee that your puppy will be free 

from such defects? 

Do you understand that if a situation should arise in which you could 

no longer care for your puppy that you are to return it directly to us? 

Have you ever taken an animal to the shelter/pound for adoption?  


 If yes, please explain:

Have you ever purchased a dog from a breeder which you later returned?

If yes, please explain circumstances:

Please provide the name, address, and phone of three references 

other than your vet:

Please provide any other information that you feel makes your 

family a suitable home for a J. Dara Boxer puppy:

The following questions are just for statistical purposes, 

but we would really appreciate your input into this data.

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If you do not have a way to scan and send photos via e-mail, then
Please mail  photos of your yard and home to:

J. Dara's Boxers, c\o Rebecca A. West  

38324 Providence Church Rd.

  Delmar, DE 19940

If you would like to find directions to our house, click on this link and map it out!!

If, after reviewing your application, we feel that your family meets our basic requirements for providing a home to one of our Boxer puppies, you will be notified of your status on our confidential waiting list via e-mail.  Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions at

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