This page was done long ago, but I leave it here as it brings back many fond memories of Ali and Roam, who are both now at Rainbow Ridge.


Here are Ali and Roamin' sailing over the 24" jump, which is what would be required on an agility course for their heights of 23 1\2" and 23" respectively.

Then, since both were clearing the 24" jump with little problem,

 we added a higher 28" jump..... which they also cleared with ease....

Ali jumping the 28 inch jump.

Ali taking the 28 inch jump from an angle.

Roamin' says this 28 inch jump is a piece of cake!

WOW! Roam is really over the top in this one!

What a pretty jump, Miss Roamin' !!!!

What a pair these two make !!


If you would like to see the whole gang in their exercise routine, check out this slideshow!!



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